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The Current Employment Prospects in Australia

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

As the world is in the midst of a financial recession, there have been many online discussions on the future. Some of these discussions revolve around the availability of current jobs in Australia. Overall, Australia has been able to ride out the aftershocks of the recession allowing for opportunities to those immigrants seeking greener pastures in the country.

Many surmise erroneously that the number of jobs in Australia is dwindling because of the lower number of wanted ads in the country’s major dailies. This may lead to this conclusion but since many companies have usually and advertising costs is usually the first one to go. In reality, there has been an increase in the unemployment rate, from 4.3% to 4.6%. This is still a manageable rate compared to other countries that have experienced double digit increases in their unemployment rates due to the recession.

Another aspect of the employment prospects in Australia that make the landscape seem dim is the reported increase in the number of redundancies in companies in the country. This is but a normal reaction due to the lowered demand for services thus requiring companies to shed the fat, much like the same appearance in many other industrialized countries.

Another part that affects the employment prospects in Australia, especially for immigrants, is the delay in the issuance of visas to work for potential candidates. While it may seem that the lengthy process of release of work documents is a burden to prospective immigrants, it actually does them a favor. While currently there is a low level of opportunities for jobs in Australia, the turn for the better is just around the corner. By keeping them at bay, it allows the Australian job market to correct itself and thus open new doors to absorb the immigrant workers once the economy recovers.

One industry that has been able to remain stable and thus keep opportunities for jobs in Australia in high levels is the information technology sector. Though the sector experiences some slowdown, overall the forecast for the industry is for the up and up as the Australian government continues its drive for increased broadband connection throughout the continent. There have been redundancies reported, but these displaced workers were quickly reabsorbed into the workforce as the drive for interconnectivity reaches fever pitch.

Even in these times of difficulties, Australia has been able to remain stable and thus keep its stature in the world stage as one of the must destinations for tourists and business people alike. While some countries have gone through the proverbial eye of the needle during this time of crisis, Australia has been able to maintain its stature and help keep its rich culture and easy lifestyle at nearly the same levels prior to the recession hitting home.

For the short to medium term, the prospect of jobs in Australia is still pretty static. In the long term though, with the strong economic foundations laid forth by the government, the country would be able to rebound and even register growth in terms of economy and employment. As advised in Australia Forum, you need to keep your ear to the ground “as many have provided their two cents on the opportunities available in Australia in the midst of the current crisis.”