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Australia Vacation Guide

Friday, October 4th, 2013

An Australia vacation is just what you need to enjoy everything in Australia. The scenery that you’ll take in on an Australia vacation is different from other anywhere in the world, and you’ll be refreshed, rejuvenated, and revitalized after decompressing in Australia, one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

There are hundreds of famous places to go to on an Australia vacation. Sunshine coast has stunning panoramic views that overlook Noosa and Mooloolaba. Nearby is Rainbow Beach, which is a coastal town that is full of life, miles of colored sands (hence the name Rainbow Beach) and a completely relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for your soothing Australia vacation. Double Island Point is famous for sea kayak trips, where you can kayak with wild dolphins, soldier crabs, and sea turtles. At Rainbow Beach you can partake in some of the special activities that are for tourists, including demonstrations on spear throwing, boomerang throwing, and presentations on the Rainbow Serpent and the didgeridoo.

Fraser Island is an incredible way to spend a few days of your Australia vacation on. There are ranger guided safari tours, and the beach there is 75 miles of pure paradise. Lake Wabby and Lake Mackenzie, the Maheno Wreck, Indian Head, and Eli Creek are all popular tourist attractions here that will not disappoint you in your travels. From here on your Australia vacation you can head inland to the Kroombit Cattle Station, right in the middle of cattle country. The cowboy in you will love the taste of real Outback living here, complete with a chance for you to ride a mechanical bull! Top off your cowboy experience with a dinner over a campfire, cooked in the open pits! It is sure to be the best barbeque youve ever eaten! Kroombit Cattle station also gives you the opportunity to try trap shooting and see a mini rodeo, where the animals at the Cattle Station are herded into the ring for the evening.

Some of the other incredible places to visit while you are on your Australia vacation include Central Queenslands Carnarvon National Park. The Carnarvon Gorge features more than 200 bird species, ancient plants unique to the area, and famous Aboriginal rock art that dates back more than 3,500 years. There are many wallabies and kangaroos that live here in this area, and what would an Australia vacation be without kangaroos?

At Carnarvon Gorge, youll see grass trees, eucalyptus, native wildlife, and cycads that are more than 500 years old. You’ll learn about the indigenous people that had inhabited the area for more than 3,500 years when you take a look at the rock art made by them from the ochre that was taken from this area.

When you are in Australia vacation, remember to bring good supportive walking shoes, sandals, toiletries and towel, swimming gear, bug spray, your best digital camera, spending money, and of course, sunscreen and a nice brimmed hat to ensure that  you are absolutely comfortable in trip through Australia .

Weather in Australia

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Have you ever visited Australia? A land of amazing or unforeseen resources, exotic animal and plant life, striking scenery, Australian trip is the excursion to the mysterious island. Regardless of whether it is Australia adventure tour or Fraser island trip, vacations in Australia bestows you fun filled and memorable holiday. You may want to know about the Australia weather when you make your vacation plans to Australia.

What allures majority of the tourists to this pristine place is its pleasant weather. Different kinds of climates beautifully make the country look different in every weather it flaunts. Since Australia is such a huge country, the weather of this place varies notably in various parts of the country or the continent. Vacationing in Australia can include anything from knocking off snow on your boots/ clothes after skiing to sunbathing at a beach during scorching summers and from getting wet in the rain to sweating out humidity during the commencement of the wet season.

The Australian temperature changes with every season, but generally it varies as low as sub zero and as high as 50 degree celsius temperature. The weather in Australia includes two extremely different seasons: the dry and the wet seasons. Along two, the wet weather in Australia lasts approximately six months in spring and summer, between December-March. The average temperature during wet weather ranges between 30-50 degrees Celsius. The dry Australian weather lasts for about six months in winter and autumn, generally in between May-October. The temperature during this season remains low plus the skies remain clearer in day. The normal temperature is approximately 20 degrees Celsius.

Apart, build up is the extremely humid era of year between the dry and the wet seasons. In general, it lasts for 3-4 months. The humidity remains during day as well as night without respite. Also, the weather in Western Australia shows huge climatic variations. The average temperature during summers ranges at 32 degrees during day whereas 19 degrees at night. On the other hand, the winter boasts 18 degrees during daytime and 10 degrees during night, with spring and autumn somewhere averages 23 degrees during day plus 14 degrees at night.

It is not generally humid, until and unless it is a cloud weather or very hot about 42-44 degrees. Majority of the days boasts dry heat with cooling breeze, which certainly get high in afternoon. Also, one can experience amazing and fresh wind during night.

When it comes to rain, majority of the rain falls during winter months i.e. in between May- August. It tends to drizzle more during night as compared during the daytime. During summers there is hardly any downpour.

The coastal areas around Sydney are mild in the winter with minimum temperatures often staying above 50 to 60 degrees F. The summers are warmer and are typically in the 80 degree F range. One should be warned that there are some instances where Australia may become very cold during the winter. Especially at the higher elevations in Tasmania and the Victoria, snow may be abundant and temperatures are below freezing.

Australian seasons are the opposite of the Northern Hemisphere. The northern one-third of the country is tropical, while the southern regions are temperate. Because of the size of Australia, summer and winter climates vary from area to area, but this means there is always some region where the climate is ideal, making it a great year-round destination.

This overview of weather in Australia will help you in planning your trip to Australia.